Are you having problems printing coupons?

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We’ve had some of readers asking if we know how to fix the problem they are having printing coupons especially the SmartSource coupons.

Many of you are getting Java errors.  So you try and re-install Java only to not have it work still.  Here is a tip that might work for you.

First you need to find which Java version you have on your computer.  To see that, go to your computer control panel.

Find your control panel by going to your start menu.

Then do a search for “Control Panel”

find control









Click on Control Panel.

From there click on Programs.









Then click on Programs and features.

programs and features








Then scroll to find Java.  It should show you which you have install.

find java







For mine, it tells me that I have Java 7 Update 13 (64-bit).  If you only have the 32-bit or 64-bit downloaded, then  proceed below.  If you currently have both, then unfortunately what we cover won’t help you.

Now go to

Click on download at the top.

In the middle of the screen click “See all Java downloads”

You should see a screen like this.   See the message we circled in the picture.  It is telling you that you need both the Windows offline 32-bit and the Windows offline 64-bit.  And since you only have one of these downloaded then you need to install the other.

java downlaods











If you currently only have the 32-bit downloaded  then download the 64-bit by clicking the 64-bit link on your Java page.

If you currently only have the 64-bit downloaded  then download the 32-bit by clicking the 32-bit link on your Java page.

Once it is installed you need to re-start your computer.

I hope this helps those of you who are having problems viewing and printing coupons.  I know it has helped many readers that we have suggested this to.  Let us know if this helps you.

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